Self-coaching software for transforming your workforce

MindNavigator is a revolutionary solution that engineers human excellence and engagement at scale, by evolving how employees make meaning of themselves, their relationships and their work.

Deborah Dickson - Executive Director, SA Housing Authority

“I really recommend the program to anyone who’s considering ways in which leadership and the nature of change needs to be explored at a deeper level...

… a program that has been really profoundly impactful for those that were part of it

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MindNavigator is more than...

  • A leadership course
  • A culture program
  • A wellbeing initiative
  • A resilience program
  • A team building experience
  • A coaching intervention's a change system that empowers employees to navigate their minds for success and become powerhouses of self-mastery and performance

Grounded in the cognitive sciences, systems theory and developmental psychology, MindNavigator’s award-winning system starts Mind-First® to target root cause, rather than symptoms:

Top 10 Most Innovative for Organisational Development APAC 2020. (HR Tech Outlook)

Most Innovative Organisational Performance Optimisation Firm, 2021. (Acquisition International)

Join other MindNavigator organisations that have…

  • Become more efficient and effective, year on year
  • Developed a workforce of inspirational leaders advancing their teams
  • Retained more employees, in a happy and healthy work environment
  • Broken down silos for increased sharing of knowledge and ideas
  • Improved employee engagement for a collaborative culture
  • Increased sales in tough market conditions

Publicly endorsed as "life changing" - Marcus Robbins, Head of Strategy and Growth

Now working in partnership with the UTS Advanced MBA Program

'I've been here for 18 years and this is the best thing we've ever done'

“With this innovative online platform MindNavigator is seeking to make coaching benefits available to all employees. The results were very encouraging - high employee satisfaction, increased team communication, cohesiveness and resilience.”

- Kate Whyman, General Manager

83 Net Promoter Score

“The behaviour that we’ve seen as a result of rolling out MindNavigator has been similar to that of what we would see if we’d invested on a one-on-one coaching program for individuals”

- Anna Wenngren, HR Director

“Modern, agile teams rely on the people nearest an issue to take responsibility for fixing it – hierarchy slows things down and dramatically increases risk. Our experience of MindNavigator is that it trains exactly the required transformational skills.”

- Dr Tim Mansfield, CEO

10% Increase in engagement

90% increase in self-understanding

100% experienced greater flexibility in the way we operate

How does MindNavigator work?


Gain access to new insights through guided online self-enquiry processes and reflections.


Develop deeper connections and expand perspectives by exploring insights with others through human-centred dialogue.


Create new, meaningful experiences by experimenting with practices during the flow of work, selected from a comprehensive practice library.

Why choose MindNavigator?


Reduce the mental interference that consumes 2.5 hours per day per employee – the biggest cause of waste in any organisation!


Increase adaptive capacity to grow self-directed employees who can successfully navigate complexity and make smarter decisions.


Connect people more consciously with themselves, each other, and their work for highly engaged, high performing cultures.

MindNavigator gets results by:

Targeting the very structure of how we create meaning and experience, helping people get deeply connected with themselves and others for actualising their potential and ultimately transforming their organisations.

MindNavigator demonstrates ROI by:

Capturing change scores through monthly cycles of development and a comprehensive post-implementation report, tailored for your organisation

Win the war for talent by building a culture of MindNavigators

By 2030 two thirds of jobs will be soft-skills based and require higher functioning adults.

Your organisation cannot evolve beyond the capacity of its people…because it’s leaders that put in place the culture, structures and practices that make sense to them, from their meaning making.

MindNavigators see learning as a lifetime pursuit aimed at developing self-understanding, more evolved ways of making meaning and more socially mature perspectives so they can actualise their individual potential and collaborate successfully with others.