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We’re changing mindsets to transform how people work and interrelate with a fully scalable, time-efficient digital remote working solution 


Every year $366 billion is spent by organisations worldwide in the pursuit of high performing employees and a great culture.

>90% of these initiatives fail.

MindNavigator’s unique Mind-First® approach that targets root cause (our inner worlds) rather than symptoms and then enables new, sustainable levels of wellbeing and performance through an integrated 10:20:70 methodology.

We’ve been recognised as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies for Organisational Development in Asia Pacific.

So, if you’re an organisation pursuing profitability and impact alongside the continuous evolution of your people and culture, you’ve come to the right place.

Reinventing the What, How and Who of Leadership and Culture in Organisations

It’s time to say ‘No!’ to edu-tainment, event-driven learning, expert-led approaches and more theory, solutions that don’t…

Develop the relevant skills

Focusing on functional expertise, content platforms, Best Practice and ready-made answers won’t cut it.

Increasing complexity calls us to develop more mature thinking, acting and relating. There is no one-size-fits-all for leadership success.

Embed sustainable change

Event driven approaches, scenario based learning or generating peak experiences rarely translate to sustained new individual behaviours and collective ways of working. 

Change is a process, not an event, requiring personal relevance, deliberate practice and putting the work in the middle.

Include Everyone

Top down approaches to culture have limited impact because prescribed change is rarely embraced.

Leadership Initiatives targeting those at the top and high potentials present partial solutions – it’s hard to build a competitive advantage around a few perceived super stars.

In order for organisations to create great places to work, with high performing cultures and change-resilient people…

the WHAT of leadership...

needs to shift from knowledge to capacity building, or upgrading our human ‘operating system’ to stimulate new thinking, inspired actions and deeper relating.

the HOW of leadership...

needs to break out of the teacher and classroom model to stay in step and embrace efficient, digital 10:20:70 approaches that can be integrated into the work environment and measured for success.

the WHO of leadership...

needs to change as evolving environments call on everyone to transform the way we think, work and inter-relate.

Scalable, whole systems approaches are a must.

with next generation technology for human growth

MindNavigator has the only system designed to provide the depth and scale of individual and collective transformation in one integrated, cost and time efficient solution.  It represents the latest thinking on the who, what and how of leadership and cultural change.  

Targeting root cause rather than symptoms with a Mind-First approach

Conventional approaches often attempt to “tell and sell” change using quick motivational techniques or focus directly on behaviours instead of the underlying mental models of their staff.  

These approaches most often get short-term results.

We take a Mind-First® approach. 

By first targeting the attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and relationships that drive behaviours, we’re helping people develop the self-understanding and motivation needed to transform their performance and interactions with new thinking and doing.

It's so powerful that between 70-90% of participants across all of our programs are motivated to continue applying our approach as a HIGH priority, long after program completion.

Grounded in whole systems theory, our approach is supported by a digitally enabled process that follows the well-established 10:20:70 model for effective learning and development, to ensure that insights are converted from Mind-to-Muscle.

Moving from Mind-to-Muscle with a digitally enabled, time efficient 10:20:70 solution ‘all in one place’

Self Enquiry

Engage with high value, short-form change experiences and work with key concepts for developing self mastery

Record a personal development journey and capture thoughts, feelings and reflections during each change experience

Group Dialogue

Learn and grow together and support change through online or face-to-face discussions

Download a comprehensive facilitator guide for each change experience to support the structure and flow of focused conversations


Individually craft or search and select from a comprehensive library of developmental practices designed for ease of implementation, on-the-job

Measure at the beginning and end of each learning experience to track progress with change

The contexts of our work

The quality of an employee’s behaviour, decision-making and performance is less about what they know and more about their ability to consider and respond effectively to whatever events and circumstances present themselves. 

We call this capacity Response-able Leading®. 

Developing this leadership maturity doesn’t happen in a training room.  Leaders don’t need to know more, they need to think and act differently.

MindNavigator delivers a time-efficient, targeted developmental change process that takes place in the workplace itself, to achieve sustainable behavioural change.

We received an 83 Net Promoter Score from our recent engagement with a leadership team at a hospital.

“I would highly recommend this program to individuals, small and large teams. It should be offered on a much larger scale to health employees”.

“I found the programme very helpful….Have recommended it to several people”.

In line with the latest thinking around the who, what and how of leadership development, MindNavigator:

  • Defines leadership in terms of mental and behavioural agility rather than role
  • Puts the individual in the driving seat of their own development
  • Encourages people to create deeper connections and access more choice and flexibility in how they operate
  • Develops universal attributes of self mastery and influence
  • Increases ‘human-centric’ skills needed for collaborative cultures and customer-centric organisations

Struggles and stresses in organisations lead to behaviours that negatively impact our own and others’ wellbeing.  They lead to symptoms like absenteeism, presenteeism, low engagement and reduced productivity that cost organisations a fortune!  People can work closely together every day and still experience stress and disconnection.

We believe much of this is preventable.

MindNavigator targets the mindset, attitude and beliefs underlying unhelpful thoughts and actions, brings people together to support the process and provides simple practices to stimulate change.

Employees learn to embrace uncertainty with confidence, take better care of themselves and connect more deeply with others, enabling a resilient, happy and high performing workforce.

The proof is in the results – hear directly from one of our clients on Wellbeing talking about the value of MindNavigator both at work and at home.

MindNavigator adopts a preventative, proactive approach to wellbeing and resilience:

  • Enables people to take charge and feel more in control of their choices in relation to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Develops the skills of mindfulness, constructive thinking, and health boundaries
  • Promotes positive self-regard and empathy for others for building caring cultures
  • Provides simple individual practices for implementation at work and at home
  • Incorporates group engagement to build social support structures

The challenge with cultural change is getting everyone ‘onboard’.

Traditional, top down approaches to culture have limited impact because prescribed change is rarely embraced.  

Leadership Initiatives targeting those at the top and high potentials present partial solutions – it’s hard to build a competitive advantage around a few perceived super stars.

MindNavigator® engages your whole organisation in developmental change cycles, helping you to create a culture that empowers all employees to collaborate in service of a common strategic vision.  

Because our Mind-First™ system benefits everyone in your organisation, from the C-suite to the customer coalface, your culture will develop a common language of performance.

There’s a wealth of fantastic cultural diagnostic tools out there and some great consultancies, but no other system is able to provide the depth and scale of individual and collective transformation in one integrated, cost-effective solution.

The proof is in the pudding when 100% of participants said they experienced an improvement in their working relationships.

MindNavigator starts with the individual’s mindset and transforms culture by:

  • Adopting a whole of business approach through scalable technology
  • Engaging employees in a deeply collaborative process
  • Developing the facilitation skills needed to lead in networked environments
  • Demanding very little time away from work activities
  • Creating ease of access for global environment

Systemic change is complex and requires consideration of a number of interrelated components.

Many approaches to change tackle the easier, more visible aspects such as systems and processes, but ignore the more intangible aspects of psychology and relationships such as self-identity systems, shared meanings and unwritten group rules.

Many employees may feel challenged to sustain practices that represent a very different way of doing business. 

This is why it is so important to invest in strategies that support employees to create the mindset and behavioural shifts needed to thrive in new ways of working and support people in overcoming their resistance to change.

Without doing so, organisations will struggle to successfully transition to a new operating model. In fact, 7 out of 8 transformations fail.

MindNavigator offers a process to take advantage of the latest thinking around the leadership maturity needed to navigate change and thrive in fluid, networked environments with flat structures and cross functional teams.  

We tap into people’s individual motivations through our Mind-First approach and focus on expanding perspectives to increase change adoption.

And we target application of insights to enable employees to test assumptions and spark new ideas with each other.

Our approach is backed by a body of research and you can check out our science-backed strategies in our whitepaper.

MindNavigator has always run as a remote, distributed team but for many companies we understand remote working has recently come as the result of a mandate, not as a choice.

Just a few of the common ‘people’ challenges in the transition from a traditional work environment to remote working include:

  • maintaining the productivity of some employees whilst ensuring others don’t burnout as they struggle to find balance with home and work in the same location
  • maintaining trust that the work is getting done and on the flipside, demonstrating trust in employees as leaders
  • maintaining social connection and a sense of belonging
  • nailing great communication in an online environment
  • supporting resilience and wellbeing
  • cultivating accountability

The MindNavigator Mind-First approach is designed to stimulate the new thinking and doing that eliminates these challenges and our efficient, technology-based approach means we can rollout remotely and at scale – all the way from launch through to post implementation review – to your whole organisation.

Just recently, we’ve successfully rolled out MindNavigator remotely to clients like the Advanced MBA Program students at the University of Technology Sydney; McGrath Nicols and the Government of South Australia.

Who we work with

MindNavigator works with organisations of all sizes and in multiple sectors, as well as government agencies, in person and with remote workforces.

More recently we’ve expanded into the education sector and we’ve become a key industry partner of the Business School at the University of Technology Sydney. Our program is now a core component of their Advanced MBA program, supporting students in developing their own personal mastery whilst building deeper relationships and collaboration skills with their cohort.

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