Creating breakthrough performance and transforming organisational culture.

MindNavigator’s Mind-First® technology unleashes human potential and amplifies care and connection, at scale.

Reimagining a $366 billion global industry.

Traditional transformation strategies targeting behaviours get short term ‘fixes’. More than 90% of leadership programs and 70% of change programs fail.

By adopting a unique Mind-First® approach that targets the underlying human operating system (H O/S), MindNavigator’s award-winning Human-centred Development (HcD) program enables sustainable transformational change.

Areas of impact.


Extending leadership to the whole organisation. The future of work calls on every one of us to transform the way we think, work and inter-relate.


Supporting the global movement towards the Human-centred Organisation (HcO). Cultivating empathy, forging deep working relationships and creating high performing, collaborative teams.


Amplifying self care and building resilience and confidence in individuals. Developing human-centred capacities that promote positive self-regard and empathy for others to facilitate a deeply connected workforce.

Remote working

Enabling deep connections for a remote workforce.

Leveraging technology and a globally unique Mind-First® approach, MindNavigator is helping organisations to become more human-centred.


Human-centred Development (HcD) impacts your top and bottom lines, and helps manage the risk in the middle.

  • 10% growth in sales
  • 20% reduction in staff attrition
  • 100% reported a positive shift in working relationships

— IRI Australia

  • 10% increase in engagement
  • 90% reported developing greater levels of self-understanding
  • 100% reported reduction in silo behaviours

— King & Wood Mallesons

Thinking differently is our most influential future currency.