Unblocking the pathways to individual and collective human potential

through Mind-First Transformations

85% of change programs fail…

Have you considered going deeper than behavioural change?

Transform your organisation with
a Mind-First™ approach

Is your Organisation…

Training great people that just aren’t getting breakthrough results?

Experiencing team entropy and misalignment – resulting in high employee turnover?

Facing major changes in customer expectations?

Implementing new processes or systems, but not seeing the results you expected?

Dealing with customers and stakeholders in a volatile and high pressure environment?

Are you looking to ….

Create leaders with inner-agility and creativity at their core?

Build teams that collaborate and play full-out?

Develop a flourishing culture and a great place to work?

Drive long term, sustainable change to accelerate organisational performance?

Empower staff to transform customer experience?

Business Transformation
on the Horizon?

Discover 5 Key Strategies for Success

Applied Learning. Backed by Science. Fully Scaleable.

Our Mind-First™ System blends enquiry-based psychology, group dialogue, and on-the-job
practices, enabled by a technology platform

Why Organisations Choose MindNavigator

Transformation Turned Inside-Out

Targets the attitudes, beliefs, emotions and relationships to drive optimal behaviours, and ultimately successful transformation results.

Creating Bottom-line Cultures

Enables individual and collective (group) development so your culture starts thriving and reaching new levels of collaboration and productivity.

Impact that Lasts a Lifetime

It’s finally possible for today’s development budgets to create an impact today and be sustained for the long-term, with minimal disruption.

Game-changing Measurement

Easy strategies to measure your transformation success efficiently. Don’t guess how your transformation is progressing, know!

What our clients say

100% of participants experienced a
positive shift in working relationships

Testi 5

The team has found a healthier level of responsibility. Staff are more self aware and are taking greater responsibility for their actions.
Penny Kent -

Regional HR Business Partner

Testi 4

MindNavigator had a huge impact on me individually, realised through micro changes in the way I think, feel and behave. As a group we learnt to see and appreciate others perspectives. The group discussions really brought this to life and we’re working better together as we’ve started to widen our own perspectives
Mark McCaffrey -

Account Director

Testi 3

With this innovative online platform MindNavigator is seeking to make coaching benefits available to all employees. The results were very encouraging; high employee satisfaction, increased team communication, cohesiveness and resilience.
Kate Whyman -

General Manager

Testi 2

Modern, agile teams rely on the people nearest an issue to take responsibility for fixing it – hierarchy slows things down and dramatically increases risk. Our experience of MindNavigator is that it trains exactly the required transformational skills.

Dr Timothy Mansfield,


Testi 1

Some of our participants got more out of one learning experience in MindNavig8or than several courses we had sent them on previously. The behaviour that we’ve seen as a result of rolling out MindNavigator has been similar to that of what we would see if we’d invested on a one-on-one coaching program for individuals

Anna Wenngren -

Human Resources Director

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