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MindNavigator’s Mind-First® technology unleashes human potential and amplifies care and connection, at scale.

What makes human change successful?

Effecting sustainable, systemic change in an individual is complex and requires consideration of a number of interrelated components.

Many approaches to change tackle the easier, more visible aspects but ignore the more intangible aspects of psychology and relationships such as self-identity systems, shared meanings and unwritten group rules.

In our experience, successful systemic change must include these four lenses of change (adapted from Integral Theory).

1. Psychology - Gaining new insights and shifting mindsets, belief structures and self-identity through deepening individual awareness and reflection.

2. Relationships - Sparking new ideas between individuals and revealing the hidden territory of our shared assumptions and differences through focused conversation.

3. Behaviour - Practicing new behaviours to achieve change and cement new, healthier habits.

4. Systems - Adapting to ensure change is appropriate for the context, relevant for the role and fits the systems we participate in.

MindNavigator's Mind-First® System

MindNavigator has developed a scalable, digitally-enabled system for applying the Mind-First® approach across your whole organisation and for the borderless office.

Our Mind-First® system is built on the foundation of MindNavigator’s change framework, integrating all four lenses and adding our proprietary eight core principles for holistic change.



Translating theory into practice

Most Learning and Development departments leverage the highly regarded 10:20:70 methodology for how we best learn as part of their strategy – 10% individual learning; 20% social learning; 70% learning on the job.

We’ve translated our change framework into a next-generation 10:20:70 process for how we best change, by blending enquiry-based psychology (Psychology lens); group dialogue and peer support (Relationship lens); on-the-job practice tools (Behaviour lens); and easy strategies to measure progress and success, all delivered within the context of the organisation and individual’s role (Systems Lens).

Our time and cost efficient system represents an integrated, whole systems solution for developing mentally fit, adaptive leaders and a high performance culture.