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Quick Practice: Slowing your pace

Higher-performing companies allow time to reflect and learn and in doing so, are more open to ideas, discussion and innovative thinking. By contrast, performance suffered at firms that moved fast all the time, focused too much on maximizing efficiency, stuck to tested methods, didn’t foster employee collaboration, and weren’t overly concerned about alignment.  This is according to Jocelyn David and Tom Atkinson.

Although it might seem counterintuitive, slowing down can lead to higher levels of productivity and less wheel-spinning.

Organisational performance starts with the individual. You might like to try this simple technique for overcoming auto-pilot and bringing mental clarity:

Every time you approach your desk/work area – first thing in the morning, after making a cuppa, or eating lunch etc. – slow your speed by half. Slow down, take a deep breath, look around you and notice what’s happening right now. Give yourself that moment of reflection so you can decide purposefully what to focus your attention on next.

Over time your working day can become full of these little moments of clarity. You might be surprised by what a difference small positive acts like this can have on productivity.