Response-able Leading®

Thinking differently is your most influential future currency

Response-able Leading® is an award-winning transformational change experience which has received both academic and industry endorsements.

It has been described as ‘life changing’ by the Head of Consulting & Professional Services from our partner, Fujitsu; adopted by UTS for their Advanced MBA program; and recently featured in HR Tech Outlook as part of the MindNavigator award for Top 10 Most Innovative Companies for OD in APAC 2020.

Our open enrollment programs are delivered 100% online for individuals and facilitated by MindNavigator accredited practitioners.

We've removed the need for the 'expert' so that our corporate programs can be run internally, with as much or as little MindNavigator support as required, enabling the scale needed to build a thriving organisation for the future of work.


Response-able Leading® supports the development of an individual’s moment-to-moment capacity to respond effectively to whatever events and circumstances present themselves and to create resilience, adaptability and wellbeing in uncertain times.

Over the years, we’ve found the mindset changes and capacity development needed to achieve this can’t be acquired through a traditional, face-to-face course. It takes time, effort and resources, as well self-reflection and trial and error on the actual job.

In response, we created a 6-month transformation program that is time efficient, integrated into your daily work life, self-led, peer supported and 100% online.  The program guides individuals along their own journey from self-awareness to realised potential.

Regardless of whether you have a goal you want to attain, a challenge you want to overcome, or simply want to grow and flourish as an individual, engaging with one of our programs will set you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfilment.


Program Structure

Our programs operate through monthly cycles of development that blend enquiry-based psychology, group discussions and on-the-job practices.  The process is enhanced through supporting tools and resources, as well as providing progress tracking and change measurement.

Our programs are purpose designed for busy people and only requires a few hours of dedicated time each month, plus practical application which is integrated into daily activities.


Program Outcomes

Realising potential is an ongoing process  - a journey throughout life, not an end goal or result.  Depending on life's circumstances, actualisation is as much about our need to reduce unnecessary human struggle (or dis-ease) as it is about unleashing our potential.

We organise our Response-able Leading® open enrollment programs to target specific groups and contexts - for example - women in leadership; wellbeing and resilience; mental fitness and so on.

For corporate run programs we partner with you to determine how to best structure your group cohorts and contextualise the process to meet your specific objectives and desired outcomes.

As a very individual process, outcomes can vary from person to person.


Program Benefits

Programs adopt our proprietary Mind-First® approach, putting you - the individual - at the centre of the change process and targeting the structure of how you create meaning and experience for improving your mental, emotional and behavioural agility.  So general benefits include:

  • Develop the mindset of a truly great leader
  • Realign your attitudes, beliefs, emotions and relationships for optimal results, wellbeing and resilience
  • Develop the universal attributes of self-mastery and influence
  • Develop deep relationships with others
  • Create access to more choice and flexibility in how you operate
  • Expand your perspectives to broaden your skill set more easily
  • Supercharge your adaptive thinking and problem solving

Over 90% of all survey respondents across our programs had already used what they learnt to proactively help them before completion of the program

70-90% of all participants from our corporate programs to date want to continue applying the concepts in their work as a HIGH PRIORITY

Who is Response-able Leading® for?

For Organisations and Institutions

Organisations, government agencies and institutions across industries and geographies partner with us to bring the program to their employees.

Organisations choose Response-able Leading® due to its scalability, time efficiency, and highly individualised and practical approach to personal growth, leadership, culture and wellbeing.

Our partners also love the fact that the program can be rolled out completely remotely and without the need of assistance from external ‘experts’.


For Schools

We partner with schools to bring Response-able Leading® to teaching staff.

School Principals love our time efficient approach to creating communities of practice for leadership, well-being, work-life balance and resilience.


For Individuals

Delivered 100% online, our open enrolment programs set individuals on a path to greater personal and professional growth and fulfilment.

People often attend to experience the program before bringing it to their organisation.  Participants also enjoy connecting with participants from other organisations to build their personal and professional network.

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