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Corporate Case Study


A global technology firm was experiencing cultural issues in a regional office, that were negatively impacting on morale and performance. Struggling to ‘keep up’ with the broader business, leadership described the culture as “close knit, yet based on protection and silos rather than depth of connection”.

Staff focused on individual contribution vs group outcomes and gaps were reported in leadership capability and individual accountability, as well as key areas such as time management, prioritization and delegation.

Collectively, the team were experiencing difficulty in finding a sense of purpose and were operating from an ‘us vs them’ mentality, based on a group narrative around being secondary to Head Office.


The organisation needed a solution that could drive employee engagement, collaboration, and an overall increase in individual accountability and performance.

Key considerations included budgetary constraints and ensuring minimal disruption to workflow.

MindNavigator technology provided a time and cost efficient, scalable solution, for implementation across the entire staff. The solution was implemented via 4 group cohorts, each with around 10 participants. The group facilitations were lead internally by the Senior Leader and HR Business Manager.


Attrition dropped by >20% in the year following implementation and the program contributed to increased performance and the achievement of aggressive growth targets in the following Quarter, in spite of tough market condition.

Leaders reported a visible up-shift in leadership capability, for example, more consistent delegation enabling opportunities for other staff members. The program also significantly increased collaboration, leading to creative initiatives such as the implementation of a new CRM solution.

100% of participants reported a positive shift in their working relationships and 68% were motivated to continue applying the learnings long after program completion, as a high priority.

An Individual Participant’s Journey

Sarah is a Team Leader in a Technology Organisation.

Working with Awareness, Sarah becomes aware of a core personal value around‘knowledge’. She really values knowledge in herself and in others; it really affects how she perceives people.

Her practice reveals that having knowledge is connected to feeling secure in her job and also receiving recognition from others.

Sarah brings attention to her tendency to be running her own internal dialogue whilst someone else is talking.

She realises she often misses part of the conversation.

She adopts a practice of mindful listening and this leads to her developing a deeper level of connection and understanding with her colleagues.

Sarah develops healthier boundaries through more careful consideration of what she is and isn’t accountable for.

She realises that she often completes tasks she could easily delegate to her team. Instead of taking everything on herself, she begins to refer requests for information to relevant team members.

Not only does she free up her own time but her staff feel more valued and able to contribute.

Sarah works on shifting attention from tasks to foregrounding her relationships with her colleagues.

By taking time in her conversations rather than jumping straight into the detail of what needs to get done, she discovers new solutions to her department’s key challenges.

She also continues to develop deeper connections with the people she works with.

Sarah wants to speak up more in leadership groups but finds herself remaining quiet and reflective.

A guided process reveals a hidden assumption that speaking up may cause people to question whether she is capable enough to perform her role.

Testing her assumption by incrementally increasing her input into these meetings proves to her that her knowledge and input is valuable and builds her confidence to engage more fully with her key stakeholders and senior leaders.

Sarah works on balancing time between her time at the office, building more routine around her running and spending time with her partner.

She notices that her work commitments are still being met and her delivery has actually improved because she is spending less time adding unnecessary detail and information to her presentations and other output.

After working through these 6 Pathways operating Mind-First, Sarah has found confidence and voice; her work is of a higher quality; she has developed deeper relationships both at work and with her partner; and she feels more relaxed in her role, not needing to know everything.

Her development has also positively impacted the people around her, and her team members feel more empowered and engaged.

Expect the following benefits:


Staff are making significant progress in their leadership and development. For example, a team leader who previously over extended their self is now consistently delegating – this is also giving other people opportunities.

“People are being more effective in their roles. They’re no longer focusing on negatives or the past, they’re focusing on their own personal development and showing healthier levels of responsibility”


Staff are advising senior leaders that they feel more comfortable with pushing back on clients when appropriate, looking for other solutions and managing their expectations.

There is an increase in the number of staff stepping up and applying for new internal roles and opportunities. Participants also reported an increase in job satisfaction.

“There is a different energy in the office. People are more engaged, excited, open minded – they feel like they have more options .”

Greater trust
and collaboration

Collaboration has increased both within teams and with Head Office. For example, an Account Manager who previously tended to work in isolation proactively engaged with head office to collaborate on his idea for a new CRM solution.

“I can see a shift in people’s perspectives and openness.”

Staff now report an environment where it is safe to understand the ‘self’ better and accept who you are.

“Vulnerability – it’s less tiring simply being myself, and I feel more energised.”


Join other organisations that have engaged with the concepts of MindNavigator:

Double Testi 3

The team has found a healthier level of responsibility. Staff are more self aware and are taking greater responsibility for their actions.
Penny Kent -

Regional HR Business Partner

Modern, agile teams rely on the people nearest an issue to take responsibility for fixing it – hierarchy slows things down and dramatically increases risk. Our experience of MindNavigator is that it trains exactly the required transformational skills.

Dr Timothy Mansfield,


Double Testi 2

With this innovative online platform MindNavigator is seeking to make coaching benefits available to all employees. The results were very encouraging; high employee satisfaction, increased team communication, cohesiveness and resilience.
Kate Whyman -

General Manager

MindNavigator had a huge impact on me individually, realised through micro changes in the way I think, feel and behave. As a group we learnt to see and appreciate others perspectives. The group discussions really brought this to life and we’re working better together as we’ve started to widen our own perspectives
Mark McCaffrey -

Account Director

Double Testi 1

Some of our participants got more out of one learning experience in MindNavig8or than several courses we had sent them on previously. The behaviour that we’ve seen as a result of rolling out MindNavigator has been similar to that of what we would see if we’d invested on a one-on-one coaching program for individuals

Anna Wenngren -

Human Resources Director

Modern, agile teams rely on the people nearest an issue to take responsibility for fixing it – hierarchy slows things down and dramatically increases risk. Our experience of MindNavigator is that it trains exactly the required transformational skills.

Dr Timothy Mansfield,


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