We serve organisations and institutions that are pursuing the continuous evolution of their people and culture alongside profitability and impact – organisations that are moving in the direction of becoming a Human-Centred Organisation.

Corporate Leadership Development

Our gratitutde to the HR Director and Account Managers featured in this video, from IRI Australia

Wellbeing for Teaching Staff

With gratitude to Cathy Keller, Wellbeing Co-ordinator, and a huge shout out to the Primary School student that put this video together!

MindNavigator trains exactly the required transformational skills

Modern, agile teams rely on the people nearest an issue to take responsibility for fixing it – hierarchy slows things down and dramatically increases risk. Our experience of MindNavigator is that it trains exactly the required transformational skills.

– Dr Tim Mansfield, CEO

Similar results to a one-on-one coaching progam

Some of our participants got more out of one learning experience in MindNavigator than several courses we had sent them on previously. The behaviour that we’ve seen as a result of rolling out MindNavigator has been similar to that of what we would see if we’d invested on a one-on-one coaching program for individuals.

– Anna Wenngren, HR Director

Greater self-awareness and responsibility

The team has found a healthier level of responsibility. Staff are more self aware and are taking greater responsibility for their actions.

– Penny Kent, Regional HR Director

Greater self-awareness and responsibility

MindNavigator had a huge impact on me individually, realised through micro changes in the way I think, feel and behave. As a group we learnt to see and appreciate others perspectives. The group discussions really brought this to life and we’re working better together as we’ve started to widen our own perspectives.

– Mark McCaffrey, Account Manager

High employee satisfaction, increased team communication, cohesiveness and resilience

With this innovative online platform MindNavigator is seeking to make coaching benefits available to all employees. I have been able to share and explore the tools and techniques I had practiced with my coach individually, with my team in the virtual environment. The results were very encouraging – high employee satisfaction, increased team communication, cohesiveness and resilience. I am really excited that through MindNavigator these benefits will be so much more accessible.

– Kate Whyman, General Manager

Life changing!

It’s not often I get excited about training courses, and have never described one as life changing – until now.  I had been looking forward to this one for 15 months, had high expectations, and all were exceeded by some margin.  I am proud to have done this, proud to talk about it, and proud that I will be able to help take it to our customers.

– Marcus Robbins, Head of Consulting & Professional Services, Fujitsu UK

UTS Business School Strategic Partnership

This innovative technology platform leverages the latest thinking around Leadership and Cultural Development which is needed to navigate change and thrive in fluid, networked environments with flat structures and cross functional teams. MindNavigator are partnering with UTS Advanced MBA to support students in developing their own personal mastery whilst building deeper relationships and collaboration skills with their cohort. 

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