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It’s time we acknowledge that event-based trainings aren’t the best approach to human change. 

Organisations are increasingly turning to Human-centred Development (HcD) approaches - such as coaching -  which put the individual at the centre of the development process to achieve transformational change.

HcD works by targeting the very structure of how we create meaning and experience, helping people get deeply connected with themselves and others for wellbeing, productivity, and collaboration.

By shifting the emphasis from roles and behaviours, to focusing on an employee’s underlying mindset (mental models, attitudes, belief systems, emotions, relationships etc.), these approaches address root cause rather than symptoms.

Transformation Mind-First® is the next evolution of HcD.  It gifts people an understanding of how to work with their own ‘human operating system’, so that they become their own coaches, supported by colleagues in a powerful collaborative process.

Participants love the personalised approach that is amplified by community engagement, and nearly 100 practices to choose from for moving from insight to action to impact.

In fact, between 70-90% of all participants want to continue applying the learnings even after program completion as a ‘high priority’.


Traditional HcD approaches are often costly to scale, inconsistent, and hard to measure.  Focusing solely on the individual can also mean that collective organisational goals - such as collaboration, increased trust and ideas sharing – are challenging to achieve. 

So in pursuit of team wellbeing, satisfying customer experiences, and enabling strategy execution, MindNavigator built the scalable Mind-First® system for actualising potential and deeply connecting your workforce.

The system leverages the 10:20:70 best practice model for how we best learn and applies it to a process for how we best change.

By enabling individual and collective development in a holistic and consistent process that involves everyone, you’ll find your culture starts thriving, and teams reach new levels of wellbeing, productivity, and collaboration.

No matter your location, position, or job function, our system can be delivered at scale with ease, cost and time efficiency — to create one unified mentally-fit organisation.

In fact, 100% of participants reported a positive shift in their working relationships.


Development programs shouldn’t be exempt from the “Can we measure ROI?” CEO-test.

MindNavigator’s system takes a three-pronged approach to monitoring success:

(1) Your participants will score their own personal changes occurring through the monthly cycles of development via individual self-assessment. Nominated scorers can also provide 360 'pulse-checks’. 

This level of measurement is all about growth mindset and mental fitness (not role performance) and provides the motivation for further change.

(2) You’ll have access to online reporting to track the progress of participants for supporting accountability and engagement throughout the program.

(3) MindNavigator partners with you upfront to baseline tangible metrics aligned to your objectives. Metrics are revisited via an online program completion survey and the results are presented back to you in a tailored Post Implementation Review report that you can share with key stakeholders.

Don’t guess how your people initiatives are performing - know.


Too often, managers are faced with having to choose which development program will result in the least wastage in terms of relevance. They know that most programs will not fit 100% of their staff, 100% of the time.

The Mind-First® system creates personally meaningful results by taking an enquiry-based approach — that translates to a system that’s 100% relevant to every participant, maximising the effectiveness of your budget.

MindNavigator’s digitally-enabled program also ensures relevance by enabling a shift from a reliance on external experts to an internally driven, self-led and peer supported process that makes mindset and behavioural changes relevant within the context of your organisation.


Case Studies

MindNavigator’s transformational program is now part of the Advanced MBA Program @ University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

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