MindNavigator Welcomes Ellie!

At the heart of everything we do here at MindNavigator is creating an environment of self-discovery and betterment, personally and professionally. We welcome new team members with inspirational stories and a mindset that places importance on mental development and wellbeing.

Hailing from Amazon Web Services and Palo Alto Networks, MindNavigator welcomes our new Head of Customer Development, Ellie De Looze.

What was your first month like at MindNavigator?

“Amazing. Incredible. It’s hard to find the words. I am so excited by the conversations I’ve shared with the internal team and customers in just one week. The support has been phenomenal and I am beyond excited about the possibilities that we can achieve with MindNavigator.”

Ellie’s Story

Originally from Wales - UK, in May of 2010, a 21-year-old Ellie set off on a ‘three month’ adventure to Australia, 12 years later and here we are: Three kids, Two dogs, One husband, a small locally owned business, and a decade long career in the world of technology.

“It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows with many bumps and personal challenges along the way. For the best part of six years I found myself in the role of single, full time working mum, with every single family member on the other side of the world. It was during these more challenging times that I realised the importance of connections in the workplace. In many ways my colleagues became my friends, my family, and my support network. Thanks to the empowering and empathetic environment the leadership team had created, it allowed me to thrive in my career even though the odds seemed stacked against me.”


Ellie De Looze
Head of Customer Development

Her Professional Journey

Ellie started her career in technology at one of the largest systems integrators in Australia, working her way through various departments before embarking on her first leadership position in the Annuities team.

“I quickly realised I was fiercely passionate about building teams of exceptional people to solve challenges and deliver outcomes for growing businesses.”

Ellie continued a successful career with multinational cyber security firms to global giants but began questioning her purpose and the direction in 2019, pre-pandemic.

“I worked with some incredible people, however I couldn’t seem to find that fulfilment from any role that I took on. In every single organisation I’ve worked for, I always found myself at the centre of the conversation when it came to employee wellbeing and company culture. Perhaps it was my own experience early on in the workforce that embedded this as a core value, or my experience in being a leader to many young people often embarking on the start of their career, offering support and creating a team environment where they could be their best.”

Why did you join MindNavigator?

“When the Pandemic happened, it forced me into action. I made the bold and somewhat crazy decision to take 12 months out from the corporate world and focus on a family passion project – opening a High end Tattoo Studio with my husband on Sydney’s northern beaches. In 12 short months we were able to create everything we dreamed of it being, with a full stack of renowned international artists delivering an exceptional experience to our customers.

When I started to think about my re-entry into the world of technology, I wanted to find a role where I could see the purpose in my work and have the opportunity to transform others experiences and help people make meaning of their own roles. It was almost serendipitous finding this opportunity at MindNavigator, through bumping into a good friend and being introduced to the inspiring CEO and Founder, Ami Cook”

“The MindNavigator Platform can transform the way individuals make meaning of themselves, their roles and their connections with their peers. Not only does this mean happier, healthy people but from a business perspective it translates to higher productivity, lower attrition, less conflict, more collaboration. It’s so powerful that it can have the same impact as one to one coaching but thanks to the scalability of SaaS it’s accessible to the entire organisation in a time efficient and cost effective way.”

What are you excited about the future of MindNavigator?

“Where the concept of improving people’s experiences at work has always been a priority (and passion) of mine, there is no denying the last two years has highlighted the urgency for this to become a priority for all organisations, regardless of industry, location or size.

I truly believe that MindNavigator is positioned to achieve transformational outcomes when it comes to employee wellbeing on a deeper, individual level. The traditional well-being perks that we’ve grown custom to are great and have their place, but often these don’t drive real meaningful change.“

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