Meet our Founder


Ami Cook, Founder and Custodian of MindNavigator's Vision, Direction and Culture

All too often what’s going on in our interior worlds results in behaviours that get in the way of us leading and living fully in each of the roles we perform. We waste energy trying to control the uncontrollable, lose focus on the things that matter and experience disconnection, from ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Ami was confronted with this truth head on when she heard the thud of her newborn baby girl landing on floorboards, suffering a significant skull fracture after being accidentally dropped by her nanny.

“As I sat in the ambulance, the awareness that I had absolutely no control over my daughter’s life was profound. It’s one thing to ‘know’ and something else entirely to embody that experience. And the realisation later, as Eva recovered, that I’d wasted what might have been my last precious moments with my baby, lost in my own head instead of actually being with her, was even more confronting.”

Moved by this experience Ami immersed herself in human development and theories of human change. She transitioned from her successful corporate career to qualifying as a counsellor and in numerous leading-edge coaching methodologies and has accumulated over a decade of experience as a practitioner in the field.

MindNavigator is the culmination of Ami’s personal and professional journey in transformational change.

“When I’d finally uncovered the essence of what really works to help people transform, I felt compelled to create a system around it that could be shared with as many people as possible. Since the time we spend at work is significant, organisations seemed like a great place to start supporting people to increase consciousness, develop greater self-understanding and forge deeper human connections.”


Amy Gilmore, Custodian of MindNavigator's Customers and Partners

Amy began her journey to understand the human mind, emotions and causes of suffering 25 years ago. The search took her all over the world, to various teachers, courses, theories and ways of living well.

After much training, Amy has spent nearly 10 years as a professional coach and facilitator, supporting clients to understand their mental structures, overcome self-imposed limitations and reduce unnecessary struggle in their lives.

She met Ami Cook more than ten years ago and they connected deeply over their passion for what has become known as human-centred development.

In 2019, Ami introduced Amy to her Mind-First® system, MindNavigator. Amy immediately recognised that MindNavigator is the way to make the theories, methods and practises that support transformation in a one-on-one coaching relationship, accessible to larger numbers of people as the world moves into the era of Human-centred Organisations.

Angelica Kopec

Angelica Kopec, Custodian of Global Marketing

Angelica has over a decade’s worth of senior-level experience in driving successful Saas platforms and early stage tech ventures.

She has previously worked as Global Marketing Manager for an enterprise Saas platform and National Sales & Marketing Manager for peak industry accreditation body.

After years of working in very demanding career, Angelica took a year hiatus to the tropics of Indonesia and the coastline of New South Wales to recalibrate and discover a sustainable work-life balance. Through her journey of self-discovery, she uncovered the benefits of mindfulness and psychological practices. This led her to her new passion of marrying her business skillsets and helping to elevate the mental health of workforces.

In 2021, Angelica was appointed as a member of Business Excellence Australia’s Marketing Sub-Committee Board advising on marketing, growth strategies and member acquisition and published in Marketing Magazine on 'How to manage a thriving remote sales and marketing team'.

John Vuillin

John Vuillin, Custodian of MindNavigator's systems and technology

You could say John started his IT carreer early, learning to program before entering primary school. Ever since, technology and building systems has been a passion for him.

John also had an early interest in human psychology, being all too aware of how unhelpful family patterns can repeat generation after generation.  As a teenager, John set on a personal journey to improve himself and to break with those patterns, focusing on introspection as well as exploring his experiences with others.  Over time he began supporting others to better understand themselves.

When John came across MindNavigator he was struck by how closely the company vision aligned with his own and on exploring the Mind-First® approach, he found what he had been trying to explain to others, simply and elegantly structured.

Having held the role of CTO for startups in various sectors, John joined MindNavigator to apply his knowledge and skills to something that would finally make a real and lasting impact for people and genuinely contribute to making the world a better place for everyone.