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MindNavigator’s transformational program is now part of the Advanced MBA Program @ University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

“The behaviour that we’ve seen as a result of rolling out MindNavigator has been similar to that of what we would see if we’d invested on a one-on-one coaching program for individuals”

— Anna Wenngren, HR Director

“Learnings that are solidified through practices, ongoing practices, daily practices, both in your personal and your professional life, that if you practice them they become ingrained behaviours”

— Mark McCaffrey, Account Director

“I don’t often get excited about training courses, and have never described one as life changing, until now.”

— Marcus Robbins, Head of Consulting & Professional Services

“Modern, agile teams rely on the people nearest an issue to take responsibility for fixing it – hierarchy slows things down and dramatically increases risk. Our experience of MindNavigator is that it trains exactly the required transformational skills.”

— Dr Tim Mansfield, CEO

“With this innovative online platform MindNavigator is seeking to make coaching benefits available to all employees. The results were very encouraging - high employee satisfaction, increased team communication, cohesiveness and resilience.”

— Kate Whyman, GM Healthcare

“The team has found a healthier level of responsibility. Staff are more self aware and are taking greater responsibility for their actions.”

— Penny Kent, Regional HR Director

“Having previously attended many leadership programs this has by far enabled a greater growth in my ability to lead. It has touched on my personal values and beliefs which until now I had not realised just how influential they had been in my past performance. I have more confidence in my ability to lead and my personal wellbeing has improved significantly not just at work but also on the home front.”

— Tracey Hebden-Todd, Head of Department

“They were using MindNavigator at home as well as at work, so for some of our participants it had a significant impact.”

— Cathy Kellar, Head of Wellbeing