Mind-First®: Human-centred Development at scale

Actualising individual potential.  Achieving organisational outcomes.

The rise of the individual in the future of work

Uncertain times; the borderless office; the emergence of diverse patterns of working; and mounting scrutiny around an organisation’s responsibilities to society and human well-being are amplifying the importance and care of the individual worker.

Recent ISO standards - 27500, 27501 - attest to the growing movement towards a more Human-centred Organisation in which employees are equally as valued as customers, wellbeing is a core business priority and individual differences are capitalised upon as an organisational strength.

Human-centred Development (HcD)

From an emphasis on agile teams and innovation, to a focus on mental fitness and productivity, to creating meaningful work, organisations are increasingly focused on empowering the individual through Human-centred Development (HcD) approaches, of which Coaching is the mostly commonly known.

By focusing on the individual’s needs for development and by targeting the more intangible aspects of the individual such as their psychology, self-identity system and relationships (the ‘inside-out’ approach), HcD supports individuals to actualise their potential and tends to achieve superior results compared with traditional approaches to leadership and culture.

Conversely, the individual focus creates a number of challenges in achieving collective goals of the organisation such as collaboration, increased trust and ideas sharing.  In addition, HcD is often costly to scale for achieving organisational change, as well as inconsistent and hard to measure.  This often results in these solutions being reserved for a minority of individuals.


The Mind-First® Difference

Transformation Mind-First® is the next evolution of HcD. It gifts people an understanding of how to work with their own ‘human operating system’, so that they become their own coaches, supported by colleagues in a powerful collaborative process.

We’ve evolved our Mind-First® approach into a scalable, measurable, digitally-enabled system so that organisations can target superior individual and collective outcomes.

Traditional ApproachesHcD ApproachesMind-First®
Focus on organisational roles (eg. Leadership)Focus on the individual as a unique human beingTargets individual needs whilst ensuring change is appropriate for the organisational context and relevant for the role
Focus on ‘Best Practice’ models (one-size-fits all)Focus on an individual’s next practiceProvides a consistent framework and process for everyone, whilst also making the change process individually targeted and relevant
Target collective, prescribed/predetermined behaviours (outside-in)Focus on underlying mental models of the individual to target root cause rather than symptoms (inside-out)Starts with the individual, Mind-First® and follows through with a focus on related practices and behavioural change
Expert drivenIndividually ledIndividually led; peer and leader supported for feedback and accountability partnership – uniquely enabled to be driven internally, without the need for external expertise.
Provide additional knowledge to increase expertise (same level of thinking)Develop new perspectives to actualise potential (new level of thinking)Combines self-enquiry and group engagement to actualise individual potential and achieve collective outcomes
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Applying Mind-First®.

Using MindNavigator's proprietary Human-centred Development approach to create the mindset shift needed to thrive in the future of work.

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