Next Generation Leadership and Culture

The People Performance Evolution
Traditional Learning
  1. Focuses on capability creation
  2. Provides additional knowledge, delivered through content (same level of thinking)
  3. Event-based training – expert led, one-size-fits-all
  4. Help staff ‘do more with less’ – drive efficiency to maximise output
  5. Top-down approach
  6. Blended learning
  7. Trains for expertise (IQ based), point of need
  8. Feedback through periodic engagement surveys and compensation reviews
Next Generation Learning
  1. Focuses on capacity creation
  2. Develops new perspectives, delivered through self-enquiry (new level of thinking)
  3. Continuous experimental and experiential change – individually led, peer supported
  4. Help staff redirect mis-spent energy – eliminate entropy to maximise performance
  5. Whole of organisation approach
  6. Blended experiences
  7. Trains for relational and soft skills (EQ based), continuous development
  8. Real-time feedback and continuous performance management through feed-forward and coaching

The future of work will require individuals with a mindset maturity that leads to strong emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills and other so-called ‘soft skills’. Collectively, organisations will need to nurture their culture in order to thrive.

We’ve provided some key resources to support you build the case for culture and leadership.


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Using technology to build a great finance culture

As we adapt to a future where our work, leisure and social lives are immersed in technology, some companies are looking at ways to create a digital culture which is inclusive and enhances their organisation’s values.

Diversity beyond social agenda

As a key driver of innovation and business growth, as well as employee retention, diversity remains a critical factor in business success.

Communicating Change

Transformation initiatives experience a high failure rate. Communication and dialogue are key to success. A fundamental flaw is to focus communication top-down and only on the positive side of change.

Developmental Approaches to Change

We live in complex times. Adopting a developmental approach to human change supports fluid responsiveness to complexity.

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