Mind-First® Individuals

Our open enrollment programs allow individuals and small groups to actualise potential and develop adaptive thinking - critical for personal and professional development today.

An award-winning transformational change experience which has received both academic and industry endorsements, our Response-able® programs leverage our Mind-First® approach, putting you - the individual - at the centre of the change process.

We target the structure of how you create meaning and experience for improving your mental, emotional and behavioural agility.

Our programs are delivered 100% online over 6 months, facilitated by MindNavigator accredited practitioners.  Designed for busy people, they only require a few hours of your time each month.

People attend our programs for both personal and professional growth.  Over the course of the 6 month process you will also develop deep relationships with the other members of your cohort, creating a personal and professional support network that will last a lifetime.

View our upcoming programs for online enrolment or to download a brochure.

MindNavigator’s transformational program is now part of the Advanced MBA Program @ University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

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