Mind-First® for Covid-19

Covid-19 has dramatically changed the landscape of work, from the borderless office to the emergence of diverse patterns of working, all in conditions of unprecedented uncertainty.

Remote working is creating new challenges for workers around

  • wellbeing

  • maintaining motivation and resilience

  • work-life balance

  • productivity

  • feelings of social isolation and loneliness

  • relationship building and team

  • communication and collaboration


MindNavigator’s complete solution for actualisation at scale creates unified, mentally-fit organisations by supporting the ongoing process of sustainable individual and collective change - change that reduces unnecessary human struggle (or dis-ease) and unleashes potential for being well, mentally fit, productive, agile, resilient, successful and fulfilled.

Our programs support the creation of strong social connections needed for empathy, collaboration, and a sense of inclusion. We're not only helping solve the challenge of how to create health and wellbeing at the individual level, but also business resilience and successful remote working at the team and organisational level.

While the marketplace is flooded with courses and apps for temporarily reducing the negative impacts of Covid-19, the MindNavigator system addresses root cause rather than symptoms.  We give people an understanding of how to work with their own ‘human operating system’, so that they become their own coaches, supported by colleagues in a collaborative process.

In one MindNavigator case study, 100% of participants reported a positive shift in working relationships.

Participants love our personalised approach that is amplified by social engagement and nearly 100 practices to choose from for moving from insight to action to impact.

In fact, between 70-90% of all our participants want to continue applying the learnings even after completion of our 6-month program, as a ‘high priority’.

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