Impact: In a Hospital

Our recent implementation for a leadership team within a Hospital in Western Australia received an

83 Net Promoter Score!

The program was delivered remotely from end-to-end and was facilitated by MindNavigator and also achieved these results:

87% have already used what they learnt to help them at work and are motivated to continue using what they learnt as a 'high priority'

76% developed greater self-understanding and improved working relationships

Participant feedback included:

I am now able to trust in my ability to make clear decisions, communicate my visions and support others to do the same. I believe I now have the ability to control my environment more, to set boundaries and to hold those boundaries and accountabilities. By trusting in the team leaders I can now delegate and monitor which is freeing me up for important higher level planning and activity.

I would highly recommend this program to individuals, small and large teams. It should be offered on a much larger scale to health employees as it touches on personal wellbeing but also explores leadership development and in particular accountability for self and to others, something which is often stated as an organisational value and yet often poorly demonstrated.

The program allows you to reflect on your own behaviours and biases when interacting with staff. The fact that the course occurs over a 6 month period allows for new skills to be practiced and then implemented in real situations over a period of time that allows a greater understanding of these concepts to occur.