Impact: Retail Technology


A global technology firm in the retail industry required a solution that could drive employee engagement, collective collaboration, and an overall increase in individual performance in their Melbourne office.

This satellite office was struggling to 'keep up' with the broader business, experiencing both cultural issues as well as gaps in leadership capability and self-leadership in general. 

At an individual level time management, prioritisation and delegation were reported as key concerns.  Staff tended to focus on their own individual contributions rather than on collaboration and group outcomes.

Collectively, employees were having difficulty finding a sense of purpose.  Considering themselves as secondary to Head Office created an ‘us vs them’ mentality and at times lead to blame and lack of ownership. 

Senior leadership described their culture as one that was "‘close knit’ yet based on protection and silos rather than depth of connection".

A solution was needed that could facilitate a mindset shift to feeling valued as an important part of the business, whilst also driving a ‘can do’ mentality for initiating and taking ownership of opportunities.

An internal Leadership Development Programme had already been implemented to a small group of senior employees in Head Office, providing a highly successful point solution for individual employees.  However this programme was costly, time consuming and limited in its reach. Budget for further initiatives was also limited.

MindNavigator were engaged to address the capability gap that existed more broadly, as well as the cultural issues that were negatively impacting morale and performance.  


A 4 month implementation across 40 people, internally led with no requirement for external 'expert' support.


>20% reduction in employee attrition in the year following the implementation

>10% aggressive growth targets achieved by end Q3, in spite of tough market conditions

100% of participants reported a positive shift in their working relationships

68% of participants were motivated to continue applying the concepts after course completion as a 'high priority'


The HR Director reported

"the behaviour that we’ve seen as a result of rolling out Mindnavigator has been similar to that of what we would see if we’d invested on a one-on-one coaching program for individuals”

The HR Leader reported

"The Melbourne team has found a healthier level of responsibility. Staff are more self aware and are taking greater responsibility for their actions".

The Senior Leader reported

"People are being more effective in their roles.  They’re no longer focusing on negatives or the past, they’re focusing on their own personal development and showing healthier levels of responsibility.  For example, a team leader who previously over extended themselves is now consistently delegating - this is also giving other people opportunities".