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90% of leadership initiatives fail!

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Cultural Capital

Transformation Turned Inside-Out

We approach transformation in a new way.

The Mind-First approach targets the attitudes, beliefs, emotions and relationships to drive optimal behaviours, and ultimately successful transformation results.

We lead with questions, not content, empowering participants and group cohorts to discover personally meaningful insights and actions.

Clients love us because the system is 100% relevant to everyone, maximising the effectiveness of development budgets and minimising the risk of trying to analyse ‘what our staff need this year’.

Creating Bottom-Line Cultures

Cultural change is a collective effort.

By enabling individual and collective (group) development, you’ll find your culture starts thriving and reaching new levels of collaboration and creativity.

Because the Mind-First System benefits everyone, regardless of their role, your culture will develop a common language of leadership and performance.

Our clients are seeing amazing results such as staff attrition reduced by over 20% in the year following the MindNavigator launch and 100% of participants reporting an improvement in workplace relationships.

Impact that Lasts a Lifetime

It’s finally possible for today’s development budgets to create an impact today and be sustained for the long-term.

Insights gained from MindNavigator make an impact from day one, yet the benefits last long after program completion. This is because the system is deployed over the longer term (6-12 months) – combining self-enquiry, group dialogue, and on-the-job practices – ensuring changes are embedded and sustained.

Requiring minimal hours (less than 1% of work time!) your staff will find it easily fits into their existing workloads.

The proof is in the pudding when 68% of our participants confirmed that continuing to apply the Mind-First methodology after completion was a HIGH priority.

Game-changing Measurement

If you can measure it, you can move it. So we offer some easy strategies to measure your transformation success objectively.

Our system captures an individual self-assessment and 360 degree assessment at the beginning and end of each new Pathway. The method and frequency of measurements ensures real change is happening.

You’ll also be able to access online reports so leadership can be informed on how groups are progressing.

Don’t guess how your transformation is progressing, know!

Key Outcomes
For Organisations

Shapes and sustains corporate culture to generate performance uplift across the entire organisation.


Helps create an environment people want to be a part of and a truly innovative business ready for whatever is to come.

For Teams

Creates a common language for people to safely challenge themselves and each other around what they may be over and under valuing.


Helps build trust, vulnerability and openness, which improve working relationships.

For Individuals

Helps build awareness, accountability and agility and reduce fear-based actions and behaviours, enabling people to be and do their best.


Develops the facilitation skills needed to lead in a networked environment.

Want to know if we’re a fit for You?

CEO/Business Leaders
  • Approaches transformation Mind-First versus trying to ‘tweak’ behaviours
  • Enquiry-led and powered by an online platform so the entire company can participate in a mind-first culture
  • Creates individually meaningful results, improving engagement scores and overall corporate culture
  • Brings awareness to employees’ soft skills, including leadership, collaboration, and communication, which lead to an uplift in your employees’ job performance
  • Focused on long term, sustainable results — creates an impact from day one whilst ensuring changes are embedded and sustained
HR/OD Practitioners
  • Is enquiry-led and therefore guaranteed to be relevant to the soft-skill development of each and every participant, regardless of position or function
  • Avoids sending your staff away from work for days at a time by putting the work in the middle and requiring minimal time commitment
  • Follows the 70:20:10 learning model and is based on a blend of leading coaching methodologies, decades of research in psychology and theories of change, and the latest findings from neuroscience
  • Participants all report a positive shift in their working relationships
  • Measures an individual self-assessment and 360 degree assessment with frequency and efficiency.
School Principal/ Education Leader
  • Easily fits into teacher’s existing admin time, avoiding day long off sites — MindNavigator integrates into the work environment and requires minimal time commitment.
  • Enquiry-lead approach creates personally meaningful teachers’ day-to-day leadership abilities — positively affecting student experience.
  • Follows the 70:20:10 learning model and is based on a blend of leading coaching methodologies, decades of research in psychology and theories of change, and the latest findings from neuroscience
  • Targets the attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and relationships. Develops EQ to improve how teachers handle the parent, student, teacher dynamic
  • Relevant to all staff – 100% MindNavigator participants report a positive shift in their working relationships.

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