Inspiring positive human experiences and meaningful impact

by providing the gateway to new mental, emotional and behavioural possibilities.

Company profile

MindNavigator is a female founded and led, 100% privately owned business.

Formerly known as Coaching Human Potential, the company was established in 2014 as a boutique consulting firm specializing in leadership and coaching solutions.

After years of research and development the company rebranded as MindNavigator and publicly launched its technology platform in late 2017 at the annual AHRI Conference.

MindNavigator’s technology represents a new category of HRTech, focused on human meaning-making.  It is built on the philosophy that engineering human excellence and engagement at scale is achieved by evolving how employees make meaning of themselves, their relationships and their work, Mind-First® .

Since 2017, MindNavigator has been on a self-funded journey to become an award-winning solution that has achieved year-on-year repeat business, industry and academic endorsement, and global reach.

The organisation has attracted support from several industry professionals, some of whom now form the Volunteer Advisory Board, and has developed key partnerships both locally and globally.

Meet our Founder


Ami Cook, Founder and Custodian of MindNavigator's Vision, Direction and Culture

All too often what’s going on in our interior worlds results in behaviours that get in the way of us leading and living fully in each of the roles we perform. We waste energy trying to control the uncontrollable, lose focus on the things that matter and experience disconnection, from ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Ami was confronted with this truth head on when she heard the thud of her newborn baby girl landing on floorboards, suffering a significant skull fracture after being accidentally dropped by her nanny.

“As I sat in the ambulance, the awareness that I had absolutely no control over my daughter’s life was profound. It’s one thing to ‘know’ and something else entirely to embody that experience. And the realisation later, as Eva recovered, that I’d wasted what might have been my last precious moments with my baby, lost in my own head instead of actually being with her, was even more confronting.”

Moved by this experience Ami immersed herself in human development and theories of human change. She transitioned from her successful corporate career to qualifying as a counsellor and in numerous leading-edge coaching methodologies and has accumulated over a decade of experience as a practitioner in the field.

MindNavigator is the culmination of Ami’s personal and professional journey in transformational change.

“When I’d finally uncovered the essence of what really works to help people transform, I felt compelled to create a system around it that could be shared with as many people as possible. Since the time we spend at work is significant, organisations seemed like a great place to start supporting people to increase consciousness, develop greater self-understanding and forge deeper human connections.”

Our vision...


We exist…

To enrich the human experience



Building capacity and removing obstacles for game changing employee experience, performance and wellbeing Mind-First®


to create a future where…

The pursuit of enjoyment and excellence is as accessible as air,  for every mind, everywhere


We measure our impact through…

#Moments of conscious connection

Empowering actualisation

the pursuit of excellence and enjoyment; whichever people choose to desire and emphasize - Albert Ellis.

Our purpose is empowering actualisation for a flourishing human culture.

We view actualisation as the ongoing process of becoming a fully functioning person - a journey throughout life, not an end goal or result.

Becoming fully functioning is as much about our need to reduce unnecessary human struggle (or dis-ease) as it is about unleashing our potential.

Carl Rogers defined useful characteristics around becoming fully functioning including being fully open to all life's experiences; being present in the moment; trusting ourselves to make the right decisions; thinking creatively and taking risks; and being satisfied with life whilst seeking new challenges and experiences.

We understand that actualisation is a very individual process, with outcomes that can vary significantly from person to person.  It's why our process starts with the individual.

For example, for one person it might be finding joy in achieving mastery with a particular project, for another it might be mastering skills to apply in the workforce for improving the lives of others, for someone else it might be the sense of purpose attained from raising the next generation.

Human-centred Development (HcD)

Actualisation needs are met when we engage in self-development and personal growth through Human-centred Development (HcD).

HcD approaches acknowledge that actualisation is a personal and unique experience by putting the person at the heart of the process.

We believe the quality of our lives is directly influenced by how we shape our sense of reality.  Overcoming struggles and unlocking potential often requires a fundamental refresh of our meaning making or upgrading our human operating system.

This is why we start Mind-First® - to provide the gateway to new mental, emotional and behavioural possibilities.

Amplifying human connection

We see this self-evolution as the basic foundation of creating a positive impact not just as an individual, but also as a member of a team, an organisation and the community.

Whilst we start with the individual, Mind-First®, we believe deep human connection comes about through the cultivation of inner values and consciousness and the genuine care for others that arises from the realisation of our fundamental inter-dependence.

By examining our mental constructs and developing more expansive perspectives, we become better able to understand others as well as the self, and in doing so cultivate strong inner values that drive empathy and collaboration.

By forging these deeper connections with each other we create the conditions that unleash collective potential, innovation and positive impact in the world.

This is why we created a digitally-enabled scalable Mind-First® system that removes the need for 'experts' and engages everyone in a collective process.

The opportunity presented by investing in Human-centred Development at scale goes beyond the ability for organisations to thrive in the global, digital age. It also has the potential to contribute to our evolution as a whole, as a legacy for future generations.