Self-coaching software built to transform your employees experience, performance and wellbeing at work.

The solution to engineering human excellence and engagement at scale is to evolve how employees make meaning of themselves, their relationships and their work, Mind-First®.

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Thinking different is your most influential currency.

MindNavigator is a science driven, life changing experience offered to employees through a unique system that delves into our 'Meaning Making' dimension to understand and affect the way we think, engage and do.

"I've never described a program as life changing, until now" Head of Consulting and Professional Services.

An innovative technology designed to help grow everyone in your workforce, with time efficient, actionable insights


Integrated into the flow over every day work life our self-led, peer supported system only requires a few hours per month to effect transformative change.

Think - develop self-awareness and understanding through self-paced, guided self-enquiry

Engage - expand perspectives and strengthen relationships through engaging with others

Do - shift from thinking to acting with simple to implement practices

Rapid developmental change enabling organisation wide elevation in performance and financial outcomes...

I found it very insightful and great strategies for overcoming some of my own workplace and personal challenges.

I feel more able to accept what I can't change and not 'sweat the small stuff'

Enabling your people to...

  • Experience conscious connection - with themselves, each other and their work, to drive increased self-understanding, deeper engagement and stronger relationships
  • Reduce mental interference - remove unhelpful thought processes and resulting behaviours that get in the way of them being and doing their best (and playing nicely with others!)
  • Increase mental capacity - expand perspectives to increase choice and flexibility in the way they operate, for smarter decision-making, greater internal inclusion and improved client relationships

Being and becoming better employees for better business.

Grounded in the cognitive sciences, systems theory and adult developmental psychology, MindNavigator's award-winning technology system starts Mind-First® to target root cause rather than symptoms.


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Listen to our Founder/CEO Ami Cook, Ex VP of Twitter Bruce Daisley and Fujitsu Head of Strategy and Growth Marcus Robbins discuss what it takes to change workplace culture


“I really recommend the program to anyone who’s considering ways in which leadership and the nature of change needs to be explored at a deeper level...

… a program that has been really profoundly impactful for those that were part of it

To hear more, listen here:

Deborah Dickson - Executive Director, SA Housing Authority
Deborah Dickson - Executive Director, SA Housing Authority

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By 2030 two thirds of jobs will be soft-skills based and require higher functioning adults.

Your organisation cannot evolve beyond the capacity of its people…because it’s leaders that put in place the culture, structures and practices that make sense to them, from their meaning making.

Join other MindNavigator Organisations that have...

Become more efficient and effective year on year

Developed a workforce of inspirational self-leaders

Retained more employees in a healthy and happy work environment

Broken down silos for increased sharing of knowledge and ideas

Improved employee engagement for a collaborative culture

Increased sales in tough market conditions